This healing method combines the 'laying on' of crystals with the gentle art of reiki.  Each complements the other.

You can use Crystals with Reiki to help change a number of inner processes, to do healing, to energize and balance the bodies energies. Just having them in your environment brings more beauty and light into your environment, they will charge the area with energy, they can purify and restore peace. You can carry or wear the crystal to bring light and energy into your day and have an effect on people who drain your energy or constantly have a negative attitude. You can use any crystal in meditation  to absorb its healing properties.

Reiki energy works wonderfully well with all types of crystals and crystal items.  You can use Reiki to cleanse any type of crystal, simply holding the crystal and intending that it should be cleansed.  You can write down any problems you are having on paper and place a crystal under it intending that the Reiki flow into the problem to create healing.

For more information on crystal and reiki, please refer to the relevant pages on this website.


You need to have an open mind and be willing to receive healing for your higher good. 

A typical crystal reiki treatment will take about an hour and you will remain fully clothed during this time.  The only item I may ask you to remove, are your shoes!  Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.  There will be soft, relaxing music in the background.

Old feelings and memories may surface and be expressed when crystals are used.. The purpose of crystal healing is to help those whom you work with to balance and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so that they can get at their own inner resources of power and truth. True healing happens when you take full responsibility for yourself and when you do, you claim the power to heal.

If you are interested in receiving some crystal healing then please contact me by clicking on this link.

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