"Just for today do not worry.
 Just for today do not anger.
 Honor your parents, teachers and elders
 Earn your living honestly.
 Show gratitude to everything."
                                          Dr. Mikao Usui


The name Rei-Ki literally means Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is completely holistic and helps people suffering from imbalanced  vibrations, heal from within themselves, irrespective of their symptoms. Healing is returning to a state of alignment with your Higher Self

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique using spiritual energy and can be used on yourself or others.  It does not involve pressure, manipulation or any form of massage.

It is much more than just physical therapy.  It is a holistic system to balance, heal and harmonise all aspects of the person (ie body, mind, emotions & spirit) and can be used to encourage spiritual awareness and personal growth.

Reiki is taught at three levels, Part I is the initiation and beginning of how to use your new powers (self-treatment is an essential part), Part II introduces symbols to enhance your healing powers (including distance healing), and Part III is for all those who want to become a Reiki Master (to be able to initiate other people to use Reiki) by this time, you will be living your life in a more spiritual way, as at stage III - it becomes a necessity.


Reiki is translated as 'Universal Life-force Energy'.  Reiki is divided into two parts. 

Rei translates as the 'wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe'.

Ki is the life-force energy that flows through every single living thing - plants, animals and people - and is also present in some form in everything around us including rocks and inanimate objects.

Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr Mikaeo Usui (1865 - 1926).  After quite a few years of study he discovered a way of passing this ability to other people and founded Usui Reiki Ryoho which translates the 'Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method' but we know it best as simply 'Reiki'.


You need to have an open mind and be willing to receive healing for your higher good.  By contacting me, you will be already granting your permission to receive Reiki.

A typical Reiki treatment will take about an hour and you will remain fully clothed during this time.  The only item I may ask you to remove, are your shoes!  Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

You may become emotional during treatment.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is part of your body's cleansing process.

If you are interested in receiving some Reiki then please contact me by clicking on this link.

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