"Just for today do not worry.
 Just for today do not anger.
 Honor your parents, teachers and elders
 Earn your living honestly.
 Show gratitude to everything."
                                          Dr. Mikao Usui

My class structure consists of the following:


What is Reiki

What is an Attunement       

What will happen after my Reiki Attunement

How does Reiki work?

Reiki History

Reiki Principles

Essence of Reiki

Reiki Levels       


The Reiki Session (Body Scan/Hand Positions)

Where can we use Reiki

Conclusion and lineage       


I am happy to teach from one person up to 4 people, and the price for attunements each remain the same.

If 2 (or more) of you would like to learn Reiki I, I can travel to you.

If you are interested and would like some further information then please contact me by clicking on this link.


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